Company performance Capital has developed a special incentive program for active investors of our company. We provide a unique opportunity to brand each of our partners to earn additional income by attracting new participants to the project. Referral program of our project has 10 levels, and you can get up to 17.9% passive income by inviting only one party, subject to certain conditions and its subsequent activity. Plus you will get 8% from Deposit of your referral on your investment account. Levels of the referral program in our project opened in stages. All new partners of the company Performance Capital available only to level 1 of the program, if you increase your Deposit and capitalization of the partnership network you will be available in the future, the next stage of development. In addition to all this, the transition to each subsequent level you will additionally be paid the premium for the activity of your referral structure. The table below shows the requirements for the transition to the next level and the bonus that you will receive at the closing of each stage. For example, you are a newcomer to the project and your deposit is 100$, only the first level of the referral program is available to you, and you will receive dividends only for personally invited participants at a rate of 8%, i.e. if you invite a new participant to the project and his deposit is 100$ as well, you will receive 8$ to your personal account, and bonuses for invited members of your partner will not accrue until your personal deposit is 250$ and the amount of deposits Your level 1 referrals will not be 5000 $. Once all of the above requirements are fulfilled, you will be able to receive dividends from the second level referrals, as well as an additional premium of 100$. The transition to the next levels of the referral program is similar.

Career rankReferral ratePersonal DepositStructure turnoverpremium
Level 18%5$5 000$100$
Level 26%250$15 000$500$
Level 34%500$35 000$1 000$
Level 43%1000$80 000$2 000$
Level 52%2500$170 000$5 000$
Level 61%5000$350 000$10 000$
Level 70.7%10000$800 000$15 000$
Level 80.5%25000$2 000 000$25 000$
Level 90.4%50000$5 000 000$75 000$
Level 100.3%100000$15 000 000$200 000$

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