How to become an investor in our company?

The investor of our company may be any person aged 18 years. For this it is necessary to register on the official website, which will take less than a minute. By agreeing to the terms of the project, you open the possibility of replenishment of the account and making a Deposit.

Is it possible to do without registration?

Impossible. Program rules provide for compulsory registration, which involves entering a login, password and personal e-mail. The company guarantees the confidentiality of these personal data.

What is the guarantee of monthly income and longevity of the company Perfomance Capital?

Investment project Perfomance Capital guarantees the profits of investors and preservation of invested funds. This is confirmed by the insurance Fund "PC INSURANCE" and a clear strategy of diversification of activities and work deposits. From possible failures, our company is insured by the team of experienced professionals in the field of mining and trading cryptocurrencies, General insurance Fund and the emergency stock of the founders. Company administration is focusing on several activities. The results of the information and financial intelligence company indicate that our portfolio is reliable.

How to minimize the risks?

The risk is always there. But working with the best payment systems, value their reputation, reduces it to zero. To maximize the ROI possible through participation in our partnership and representation programme.

In what currency does the deposit open?

Perfomance Capital carries out all cash transactions in US dollars (USD) and bitcoins (BTC). The use of other currencies is not provided.

What is a personal account and why is it needed?

The personal account allows you to track the operations you conduct. And also make input and output of funds, control referral accruals, as well as contains promotional materials.

How to enter a personal wallet?

In the personal account in the settings tab, select one of the payment systems and enter the wallet number. Save the information. From this moment, all the money will be transferred to your specified account.

Can't login to my account

Calm down, and remember previously entered the login password. If not, go to the website listed on the link forgotten password. Not help? Contact system support, information about which can be found in the section "contacts".

How fast is the withdrawal of money?

The withdrawal of funds takes up to 24 hours.

Is it possible to change the entered wallet number?

Possible. You must submit a request to the administrator.

What is the commission for?

Perfomance Capital does not retain the commission for transactions (transfers). The commission is withheld by the payment system used by you when you replenish your account.

Having problems with access to the personal account, can't use a full range of services on the website, what to do?

About the problem is necessary to inform the employees of the company through feedback. The home page is a tab "contacts".

I have not found the answer to your question, what to do?

You can always consult for all your questions to the contacts listed in the tab "contacts" and we will help you!

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