• To stimulate the development of our company, we have developed a number of special conditions for the most active participants of our project.

  • Company Performance Capital enables absolutely every participant in the program, subject to certain conditions to grant financial tranche for the establishment of a regional office of our company and maintain it.

  • The founders of the regional offices will be given all the necessary information for organization of activities will be developed a clear business plan and will be assisted in the organization of business processes.

  • The regional offices will obtain worthy prizes and bonuses for work performed, so you can get a huge profit in a short time!

  • Regional representative receives the full support and assistance in working with the media, and in the preparation and printing of promotional materials in the languages spoken in the respective region.

  • Regional representation with the developed infrastructure provides a complete quality service for customers living in the region, including presentations, seminars and corporate events, the resolution of all technical issues and timely delivery for customers and agents the information needed to perform them.

  • To assign the status of regional offices and register it in the official list of our affiliates, the founder of the Department (hereinafter - the"applicant") must have available office space which meets all the requirements set by the company.

  • Minimum requirements for office infrastructure:
    Minimum floor area – 36 square meters; The minimum number of individual work areas – 3; Minimal office staff – 3; Phone (fixed or mobile), Internet access,computer (PC or laptop), printer, scanner; Practical and comfortable furniture that blends with the room design; The design of the room must comply with the corporate style of the company. Outdoor signage with company logo and name; Brand attributes: folders, business cards, brochures, notepads, pens, etc.

  • Minimum requirements for the applicant:
    The applicant must have furnished the legal entity(SP or LLC); The candidate must cooperate with our company for at least 1 month; The applicant must have a minimum of 10 invitees from the region where it is planned to open the office.

  • Subject to all above conditions are met and after approval of the application for the establishment of a regional office, our specialists will come to the scene of the alleged opening of the office to carry out all necessary procedures to open a branch.

The conclusion of an agreement for office support
  • The applicant must meet all conditions for the establishment of a regional office;

  • Consideration of application for establishment of a regional representation is held within ten days of the filing of the application. In case of approval of your application you will be notified by letter to your e-mail address;

  • Within one calendar week the claimant must read, sign and send a scanned copy of the agreement to the email address of the Department regional business development of the company.

  • After receiving the Agreement signed by the applicant, authorized employees carry out their inspection. After verification, the contract's seal and sent to the applicant.

  • After receipt of the contract the seal of the organization, the applicant may enjoy all the benefits of the Treaty and begin to receive a stable profit from successful company.

The advantages of the regional offices
  • Opening a regional office, you represent and warrant high quality services to all residents of the region.

  • Below is a list of some of the benefits of opening new branches of our company:
    You will work under the brand of a major international company; You will be available to grant financial support of $2,000 in the first month, and $1,000 in each subsequent month; You will be given all necessary assistance in the design of buildings; You will be given corporate brand book with more than 20 versions of promotional materials for the most effective promotion of our business in any territory; You will receive a complete set of print-ready layouts of printed products, souvenirs, accessories and business documents in the corporate style of Perfomance Capital; We will help you in organizing call centre in local language in order to take your business to a higher level due to the greater coverage of the target audience in the regional market; We will provide you with a personal Perfomance Capital consultant for operational support of business; We will provide you with assistance and help in carrying out advertising campaigns, presentations and business seminars; In addition to all this, you can always turn to the head office Perfomance Capital if you have something need.