About Company

Company Perfomance Capital was founded in 2014 by a group of crypto-investors for applying significant effect on the market for private cryptocurrencies. Over the years of successful work our company managed to build up a multiple of their capital not only because of the rapid growth of the crypto industry, but thanks to the hard work of our traders. By passing all of this, our team has built and successfully launched some of their own mining farms, the largest of which is in China and has a total hashrate 398TH/s.

Today Perfomance Capital is an international project for investors looking to profit in the cryptocurrency market at a convenient and favorable terms. You absolutely not need to understand all the subtleties of working with "digital gold" our skilled professionals will do everything for you, and you will be required to observe only the growth of your investment every day!

The main sources of the company's earnings are income from mining of the most promising to date cryptocurrency, profit from the growth of our cryptocurrency assets due to active growth of capitalization of the market of electronic currencies, profit from infusion and absorption liquidity in the cryptocurrency with a low capitalization, and profit from high volatility of various altcoins during the day.

Our company enlists the help of other organizations to implement any of our business projects. All work on the construction and maintenance of farms, including the search space, the purchase and Assembly of equipment, installation of system of cooling, sizing and electricity, repair and resolve any issues, the project conducts themselves. Market monitoring is conducted through a number of automated programs, and to study the influence of fundamental factors on the growth or decline of cryptocurrency is engaged inour own research Department. All this allows to greatly reduce costs of our company and offer our investors a special investment conditions.

With all this activity of our company is fully licensed and certified. We have all the necessary documents for doing business around the world!

PERFORMANCE CAPITAL LTD LYNSEY GRAHAM, Flannigan Edmonds Bannon Pearl Assurance House, 2 Donegall Square East, Belfast, BT1 5HH

Lisensing № 2394195 23.06.2016

Our advantages
  • Confidence in every actionWe use only proven methods of earning

  • EC SSL CERTIFICATEAll data is securely protected by the latest generation SSL certificate

  • SAFETY OF YOUR DATANobody can get your personal information due to reliable data encryption

  • RELIABLE CRYPTO-INFORMANTSWe work exclusively with informers who have a high reputation in the crypto industry

  • PROTECTION FROM DDOS-ATTACKOur resource is located on a powerful and reliable DDOS-protected server

  • HIGH PROFESSIONALISMThe true professionals of cryptocurrency business work with you

Company history
  • 2014

    The company was founded by a group of enthusiasts, lovers of high technologies and the official registration of a legal entityDuring the lengthy negotiations, we have enlisted the support of some large investment funds to conduct joint activities, and developed a clear business plan for our activities over the next 5 years.In the study, the cryptocurrency market have been a number of promising coins for mining and investment.

  • 2015

    The first own mining farm was createdA team of leading experts in the field of crypto-currencies has been formed, comprising more than 50 people. These are really professionals and enthusiasts of their business, having a clear vision of the prospects of this direction, having a huge experience and a number of implemented projects that are gaining popularity.The first concepts of mass attraction of investments were developed

  • 2016

    Substantial growth of the company's assets due to the growth of the Crypto-currency marketOur company was occupied with leading positions in terms of capitalization, due to which we were able to drive out many of our competitors from the crypto currency market.Experts of our company concluded long-term contracts for the supply of electricity for our mining farms under very attractive conditions, which allowed us to increase our total processing power to 40 TH / s

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